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ALL AMERICAN Slow Cookin'!

This "sea to shining sea" romp across America's culinary and cultural landscape is pure Simmer, and certainly All-American. Let Joe take you from the beans of Boston to the fish stews of San Francisco, from the stews of the heartland to the soups of the low country, from the chiles of Texas to the Creole delicacies of Louisiana - with lots of unexpected detours along the way!

Shunning the usual cookbook chapters of appetizers, soups, entrees, etc., the innovative and insightful Mr. Simmer groups these All-American recipes into sections reflecting core American interests and values — History, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Money.
Joe is truly in rhythm with the pulse of this great nation.

—John "Bucky" Williams, Publisher, The National View  

The slow cooker offers culinary freedom. If the recipes taste good, people will cook them, and Joe’s recipes certainly taste good. And that’s beside the fact that the “invisible simmer of the crock” is the most efficient way of preparing food.

—Adam Schmidt, Author, The Taste of Nations   

In these trying economic times, all American are struggling for a way to make ends meet, have fun and eat well. Culinary superstar Joe Simmer solves that dilemma. His recipes are economical, exciting and delicious. He is truly a man of our times, and you will truly love this book. It’s on the shelves now—buy it.

—Lamar Knightly, Talk Show Host

The other day I saw a woman look at this book and then not buy it. All I could think was "Why does she hate America?".

—Crystal Yearnling , Bookstore Employee

Now in its second printing,
try Joe Simmer's CREOLE Slow Cookin'!

Joe's done it again.
Try out his second release,
Joe Simmer's HEALTHY Slow Cookin'
A profusely illustrated volume, with over 50 traditional and innovative recipes, all adapted to the slow cooker by New Orleans’ own Joe Simmer. With a foreword by Saunter Landry, the book paints an insightful portrait of the city’s quirky culture and constantly evolving culinary expression.
Joe's slimming down - because we all know Creole just ain't that Healthy. Delicious, nutritious and easy! More than 50 Healthy lifestyle recipes all adapted to the convenience of your slow coker.

At last, a book that raises the bar for slow-cooker cookbooks. Mr. Simmer catapults slow-cooker cookery into the 21st century. A creative visionary, with his feet planted firmly on the earth, he is a culinary genius and a true "gourmet-de-crock." Mr. Simmer may well rise as a contender for this year's Crock d'Or.

- Fjnvsk Knutsen, Institute of Slow Cookery, Oslo, Norway


It's been suggested that regular consumption of the healthy recipes presented here will allow the healthy eater to live forever. Though neither proved nor disproved, knowing Joe Simmer is behind it makes me want to hedge my bet.

—Cosimo Graham, Editor in Chief, The Immortal Gourmet


Joe Simmer does it again! In his debut slow cooker cookbook, his style is fast and raw, but his recipes are pure slow cook. Joe has managed to transform the tasty treats that made New Orleans famous into new slow-cooker classics. This book will rock your crock!

- A.J. Frey, Publisher, Frey's Weekly e-zine


Joe Simmer is such an international guy, with so much “joie de vivre.” Tasty worldly treats abound in this book, and the bold, deep flavors of his Louisiana roots keep popping up like cypress knees in many of these delicious and healthful recipes.

—Boland Overly, Cookbook Critic, Editor-in-Chief, Crock World Monthly

I've know Joe since I was a kid. Let me tell you, the man can eat. And he likes good food, but he's too busy to spend hours in the kitchen. That's why he invented these easy and delicious recipes.

-Manny "Lil Sausage" Mancuso, Childhood Friend




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